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What People Say About Us

Learn how our clients transformed their accessibility and learning journey by partnering with us.

Their services are top-notch, customer-driven, and the extent of their collaboration with our staff has been unmatched. We could nota be more excited about the quality of products & services they have provided and will be providing in the months ahead.

Korey Singleton

Ph.D., ATP, RET ATI Manager,George Mason University

In building our relationship, the Continual Engine team has taken great stride to learn and understand our challenges associated with the design and scaled remediation of accessible instructional materials.

Mark Nichols

Senior Director, Universal Design and Accessible Technologies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University, VIRGINIA TECH

I am an accessibility specialist for a large publishing company. On occasion, I am required to remediate PDF documents for accessibility. Recently, I opened a document to inspect its current state, it opened in Adobe Acrobat DC.

Accessibility Expert

Large Higher Education Publisher

How Does PREP’s PDF Remediation Software Work?

PREP’s dynamic web-based user interface (UI) offers an intuitive and streamlined user experience, transforming your content in just three steps.

Upload Document

Securely upload your document into PREP to allow our advanced AI tool to instantly analyze your content and provide auto-detect tags based on its structure.

Review & Modify

Leverage PREP's intuitive features to quickly and easily review the document and modify the page content structure as needed.

Get Fully Compliant Document

Finally, use PREP's built-in accessibility report checker to fix flagged issues and generate a fully compliant document.

Better Results Through Better Technology

In an age of digital transformation, ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities is no longer optional. It is necessary.
PREP’s sophisticated AI-powered automation technology and a fierce commitment to user experience enable easy, affordable, and scalable document remediation for accessibility.

What Makes PREP Different From Other PDF Accessibility Tools?

Skip the Tedious with Cutting Edge AI

Powered by sophisticated AI-based auto-tag detection, PREP’s document remediation software accelerates the time-consuming and tedious process of tagging nested lists and table of contents (ToC), saving you more than 60% turnaround time. In addition, its intelligent system gets more accurate over time, giving you better results with every review and validation.

Scalability Made Affordable

Document remediation at scale can be complex and resource-intensive, resulting in high costs. PREP’s advanced AI helps you deliver exponential cost savings by reducing the manual time spent in document remediation, whether done in-house or outsourced to our team at Continual Engine for scale remediation.

Reliable, Intuitive, Anywhere Access

PREP’s document remediation platform is cloud-based, allowing easy access at any time, from anywhere, simply by using a browser. It also means you do not need to install any software. New features are available instantly through automatic upgrades.

Accelerating Accessibility with Collaboration

PREP’s cloud-based PDF remediation platform empowers you and your team to collaborate while working on large documents or high-priority accessibility projects. Whether it is assigning documents for faster remediation or driving accessibility across the organization, PREP’s collaboration features accelerate accessibility.

Look Beyond Compliance. Achieve Inclusion!

PREP’s remediation output is 100% compliant with ADA/508/EAA regulations and WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines. This not only helps you avoid any lawsuits but also promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, thereby improving engagement and opening doors to new business opportunities.

Quick Onboarding and Low Learning Curve

PREP’s human-centred design makes it exceedingly easy for beginners, part-time employees, or new users to get started instantly. No prior remediation knowledge is necessary. PREP’s PDF remediation software offers more power to accessibility experts while effortlessly onboarding new users or non-experts.

Scanned Documents? No Problem.

Remediating scanned documents can be like pulling teeth – painful but necessary. PREP’s PDF remediation platform with built-in OCR mode accurately recognizes documents with poor quality or complex structures, making remediation for even complex documents significantly easier.

What Are You Looking For Today?

PREP empowers users, expands reach, optimizes workflows and ensures compliance, by helping you every step of the way, regardless of your needs.

PDF Document Remediation & Accessibility Software

Digitization Of Scanned Documents

Conversion of PDFs to Text, Word, HTML and ePub formats

What Industries Can Benefit From PDF And Document Remediation Software?

Delivering high-quality, cost-effective, consistent, and compliant PDF remediation solutions to a diverse clientele across industries worldwide.

Federal Businesses


Universities & Colleges

Real Estate

Publishers & Content Providers



Case Studies

PDF Accessibility & ADA Compliance is Good Business


Data Conversion for Higher Educational Institution


Healthcare and Insurance Forms Made Accessible


Blazing a New Trail in
Digital Document Accessibility

Our numbers speak volumes, and our services speak for themselves.
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Ready to Take the Hassle Out of Document Remediation?

Get in touch with us for a demo to learn how PREP can help you streamline your accessibility initiatives.


You can achieve all of the following with PREP at a fraction of the time and effort compared to other tools.

  • Automatically remediates 90% of the document with 95% accuracy.
  • 1-2 click tagging features for lists, tables, TOCs, etc.
  • Automatically generate AI-based alternate text for visuals (images, charts, graphs, and more).
  • Built-in compliance checker for Section 508, WCAG 2.2, PDF U/A, and ADA.
  • Templatize document tagging
  • Track your department’s progress
  • Collaborate with your teammates
Yes. PREP covers WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 AA level success criteria, and in certain areas even level AAA. This is a step beyond what Section 508 legislation requires.
Yes, PREP automatically remediates PDF documents, streamlining tasks such as tagging elements, ensuring accessibility compliance, and optimizing document structure. PREP’s proprietary AI has been trained with millions of documents having diverse complexity. Hence, PREP can automate remediation up to over 90%.

PREP is an equitable, affordable, and scalable solution for institutions, associations, and organizations. To learn about customized pricing per your requirements, please contact us at

When users purchase PREP licenses, they are provided with training to use PREP effectively. Training requirements vary depending on user familiarity with document remediation and the platform’s interface. Customized training sessions are provided to help users get started efficiently. These include a detailed walkthrough of the tool and a working session where the team remediates the user’s document. Additional training can be provided on a case-by-case basis.
Yes, PREP can be seamlessly integrated with existing workflows and content management platforms like Canvas and D2L, allowing for streamlined document remediation processes within familiar environments. PREP creates an environment where document remediation can be executed without users signing out of their LMS platforms.
PREP’s advanced AI technology automates nearly 90% of document remediation tasks. It scans documents, identifies elements requiring remediation, and applies appropriate tags and formatting to ensure accessibility compliance. For a user, you simply upload, review the tags, run the accessibility checker that checks against the leading standards, and export the document. In 3 simple steps, your document is remediated.
PREP offers various support options, including online documentation, video tutorials, unlimited email support, and dedicated customer service representatives to assist users with any questions or issues.
PREP supports uploading documents of varying sizes, with no specific size limit imposed. Users can upload documents ranging from small to large files as needed.
Yes, PREP allows users to upload multiple documents simultaneously, streamlining the remediation process and increasing efficiency.
You can easily contact us through the link and share your requirements. Our team will contact you to schedule a brief demo of PREP and gather detailed information about the types of licenses you need. The next step will be to sign the contract and get started with PREP.
PREP is GDPR-compliant and designed with top-tier security in mind. It has undergone rigorous testing by multiple organizations to ensure the highest levels of data protection. PREP application is hosted on both Amazon and Azure web servers which are the leading organizations for security and data protection. We have also undergone VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing).
PREP helps you to perform OCR, fix any OCR errors and then assist in tagging the file. Using our scanned document workflow, it makes remediating scanned documents easier and faster.
PDF documents are required by law to conform to Text of the Standards and Guidelines accessibility compliance.
Absolutely! PREP can help convert inaccessible documents into WCAG and ADA compliant PDFs, and protect you from lawsuits related to accessibility. Click here to learn more about Section 508 compliance.

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