AI-Driven PowerPoint (PPT) Remediation for Effortless, Accessible Presentations

Make every slide count – Fully compliant PPTs for enhanced user engagement and inclusivity.
Learn about Continual Engine’s automated, scalable, and faster workflow to make accessible PowerPoints

Making PowerPoint (PPTs) Slides Accessible Shouldn’t Be Cumbersome

Not just accessible – PPT Remediation that is speedy, affordable and provides high quality alt text.

Experience Lightning-Fast PPT Remediation


Manually completing PPT remediation and running accessibility checks can feel like an uphill battle, consuming time and slowing your momentum.


Continual Engine's PPT remediation services automate and optimize the entire process, increasing the speed by approximately 30 to 50% and freeing up your time for more strategic tasks.

Manual Remediation Continual Engine's Automated PPT Accessibility

Task: Remediate a PPT Deck of 40 moderate slides

Average time taken: 5 hours

Task: Make a moderate presentation accessible for full compliance, inclusivity, and better user experience

Average time taken: ~50 to 60% faster compared to manual remediation

What is the average number of moderate slides that can be processed manually per person per day?

70 slides

What is the average number of moderate slides that can be processed using InvictaTM per person per day?

140 slides or more; scalable to handle greater volumes

Error-Free Insertion of Automated Alt Text at Scale


Creating and inserting alt text descriptions manually can be not only inefficient but also prone to errors, compromising the quality of your presentations.


Continual Engine uses Invicta’sTM proprietary algorithm and other automation scripts to ensure a streamlined, error-free process for crafting and integrating alt text descriptions, making your PPTs scalable and precise.

Accurate Alt Text Powered by Generative AI + Human Expertise


Incomplete or inaccurate alt text in presentations creates barriers to accessibility, making it difficult for users to understand and fully engage with visual content.


We deploy the world’s most advanced alt-text solution, InvictaTM, which combines the power of generative AI and human expertise to provide meaningful alt text with an accuracy rate of ~95%.

Instantly Identify Missing Alt Text & Tags


It can be a daunting task for human eyes to consistently identify visuals that require alt text or even titles that require tagging for remediation purposes.


Continual Engine's AI-led technology and automation scripts swiftly identify visuals and titles lacking alt text descriptions and tagging, providing a consistent output and enhancing the overall accessibility of your PPT.

Perfectly Compliant Output - Without the High Costs!

Over 50% reduction in rates

using an average of $4 to $8 per slide for manual remediation


Generating alt text often requires substantial financial investment from companies and institutions. However, the resulting output is often only partially compliant, failing to justify the expenditure.


Our automated services for accessible presentations include sophisticated algorithms that enable automation of alt-text across hundreds of slides, significantly reducing costs by 50% or more while producing 508 compliant versions.

Expertly Crafted Alt Text for STEM Content


Images across Physics, Math, Accounting, and other disciplines in a presentation require several subject matter experts to provide fitting alt text, which can be erratic and deficient.


Continual Engine uses Invicta’sTM APIs to provide alt text for STEM content which is easy-to-understand, contextually accurate and fully customizable based on the requirement and application.

Four Steps to Accessible Presentations

Remove redundancies in workflows and simplify the process of making your PowerPoint slides accessible.


Upload an inaccessible PPT document


Automated + expert-led checks for basic remediation & accessibility


Leverage InvictaTM for automating image alt text


Get a fully compliant & accessible PPT

Industries We Serve

From Classroom to Boardroom, We Make PPTs Inclusive for Every Industry

Elevate your work, expand your reach – We turn your PowerPoints into inclusive assets for every industry.


Resources that we can help make accessible include instructor PowerPoints, lecture slides, student slides, lesson or chapter slides, and more


Resources that we can help make accessible include corporate presentations, training presentations, instruction manuals, corporate communication, and more

Online Learning & Digital Content

Resources that we can help make accessible include teacher/instructor presentations, module/course slides, lecture/chapter slides, online training presentations, and more

Your PowerPoints Deserve to Be Available and Accessible to Everyone.

Get in touch with us to improve your PowerPoint compliance, accessibility and inclusivity.
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