Redefining Digital Experiences With Universally Accessible Video Content

Bridging the gap with inclusion: Experience our end-to-end video accessibility services that offer unparalleled speed, accuracy and affordability.

Every Word Read, Every Scene Described

Elevate the video experience of your users with seamless transcription, captioning, and extended audio description services.

Multilingual Support, Flexible Formats & Full Compliance

The challenge

Ensuring video accessibility in diverse languages, multiple formats, and adhering to compliance can be an overwhelming task.


Continual Engine can simplify this for you. We seamlessly deliver your video content in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and more, in any required format, and that too, with a 508 compliant output.

Automated Transcription That Saves Time and Scales Effortlessly

The challenge

Video transcription traditionally involves a manual process which is inefficient and time-consuming, making it difficult to handle large volumes of videos.


Our AI-powered platform uses automation to swiftly generate transcripts, reducing time by up to 40% and enabling scalability of your video content. This ensures that your video content can reach users faster and in larger volumes along with being fully accessible.

Exceptional Accuracy with our AI-Assisted, Human-Validated Process

The challenge

Manually created transcripts, closed captions, and extended audio descriptions are usually prone to multiple errors, impacting content integrity and the end user experience.


Continual Engine’s process driven platform initially generates transcripts, captions, and audio descriptions automatically. These are then meticulously reviewed, edited, and validated by our team of accessibility experts and subject matter specialists.

As a result of this curated approach, we are able to generate almost zero-error content with an over 98% accuracy rate (exceeding the average industry standard of 60-80% accuracy).

Experience Consistent High-Quality Captions & Audio Descriptions

The challenge

Ensuring consistent quality for closed captions and extended audio descriptions can often be challenging.


Your video is meticulously analyzed frame by frame using award-winning InvictaTM, the world’s most advanced generative AI alt text generator, guaranteeing high quality, meaningful extended audio descriptions, consistently.

Meanwhile, our closed captions, although auto-generated, also undergo stringent quality checks by our subject matter experts, resulting in a high quality & consistent output for your video.

Maximized Cost Savings With No Sub-Contracting

The challenge

With multiple vendors involved, the final cost for generating closed captions and extended audio descriptions tends to spiral very quickly.


Unlike competitors who sub-contract different parts of audio description and closed captioning process, we manage everything internally, reducing overheads and eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Due to our ability to combine AI-driven proprietary technologies and automation along with experienced professionals, we are able to help you reduce overall costs exponentially.

Work With Us on Your Terms

The challenge

Most companies who provide video accessibility services offer only long term, fixed contracts that can hinder your flexibility.


At Continual Engine, we champion convenience and flexibility. Our services operate on a 'pay as you go' model with no binding contracts, offering you the freedom to scale your video accessibility needs, as and when you like.

Video Accessibility Made Easy With Our Four Step Process

Blending AI innovation with deep human expertise, Continual Engine’s video accessibility services generate universally accessible videos through a compelling workflow.


Continual Engine processes the video files


Sophisticated algorithms analyze the videos and generate transcriptions, captions and/or extended video descriptions


In-house experts provide customization & quality checks - all handled seamlessly through a human-assisted platform


You receive fully compliant, curated videos with transcriptions, captions and/or video descriptions

Curious to See the Difference That an Inclusive Video Can Make?

Here’s a video that shows the structure of Benzene and its reaction with chlorine.
Here’s a video that explains the exact structure of Benzene and how it reacts with chlorine to form chlorobenzene using Continual Engine’s extended audio description service.

Enriching Video Consumption Experiences for Everyone

Discover the extended power of video accessibility: It’s not just about compliance or inclusivity, it’s about enriching the user experience and deepening engagement for everyone, across all sectors.

A learning aid

Enhances understanding and retention of information, benefitting learners across the board.

Note-taking tool

Transcripts provide a valuable resource for referencing and note-taking.

Noisy locations

Ensures understanding of video content in high-noise environments where audio might be compromised.

Quiet viewing

Facilitates silent consumption of content in public or private settings where noise is undesirable.

Comprehension support

Closed captions assist not only those with hearing impairments, but also those struggling with accents, background sounds, or language barriers.

Option for non-native speakers

Makes video content more digestible for those learning or unfamiliar with the video's language.

Contextual understanding

Audio descriptions offer critical context and enrich the viewing experience for everyone, not just those with visual impairments.


Public-facing videos are required to be accessible by law. Avoid legal repercussions while improving user experience for all viewers.

Who We Help

We provide transcription, closed captioning & extended audio descriptions for:
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