Accessibility for Online Courses and Training

Continual Engine brings the power of artificial intelligence and experienced professionals to make online courses and training content an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone.

Inclusive Content Design

At Continual Engine, our Accessibility for Online Courses and Training service commences with content design. We collaborate closely with course creators and instructional designers to structure their materials to adapt easily to diverse learning styles and needs. Our experts ensure that text, images, videos, and interactive elements are designed with accessibility as a key priority right from the beginning.

Compliance With Web Accessibility Standards

Our services meet and beat web accessibility standards, particularly WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) to ensure that your online courses and training content can be effortlessly navigated and comprehended by individuals with varying disabilities. We assess screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, text-to-speech functionality, and more.

Video Transcripts and Closed Captions

For video content, Continual Engine provides precise transcripts and closed captions, making multimedia materials accessible to individuals with hearing impairments and aiding those who prefer text-based learning.

Alt Text and Image Descriptions

We leverage our award-winning proprietary AI solution Invicta™ to guarantee that images and graphics used in your online courses and training materials are accompanied by high-quality alt text and descriptions, enabling all individuals to understand and engage with visual content effectively.

Compatibility With Assistive Technology

Our accessibility service ensures that your online courses and training content seamlessly integrate with various assistive technologies, such as screen readers and voice command software, to empower users with disabilities. In a world where online education is increasingly prevalent, Continual Engine's accessibility services for online courses and training are the key to reaching a broader audience and ensuring that your content is inclusive, compliant, and user-friendly.

Ensure Your Online Courses Speak to Everyone.

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