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PREP - The Beginning

A few early explorations and in-depth discussions with industry leaders and accessibility experts helped the Continual Engine team understand the gaps in online accessibility for documents and images. Experts reported that most accessibility tools did not alleviate the challenge but instead they experienced complicated workflow of document accessibility, and lack of efficient digitization tools which affected business continuity. 

These pivotal initial conversations provided valuable insights and the Continual Engine team recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that was able to address multiple document formats, structures, and varied user needs.

With an aim to close these apparent gaps by collaborating closely with stakeholders at multiple levels across industries, the team gained a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced in making inaccessible documents available for users of assistive devices. The goal was to ensure that the document structure, reading order, or format of each remediated document was preserved and readable through screen readers. 

Recognizing a revolutionary opportunity, the Continual Engine team decided to design and develop an efficient product to counter the challenges of document accessibility and digitization. The genesis of PREP followed several brainstorming sessions, guided by experienced accessibility professionals, and intense teamwork.

Awards Won by PREP

2024 Zero Project Shortlist on Inclusive Education, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Cool Tool Finalist 2022 for PREP & InvictaTM

Silver Winner from the Brandon Hall Award for Tech Advancements in Serving Learners with Disabilities (along with Virginia Tech)

PREP’s Journey


Conceptualization of PREP


PREP 1.0 introduced.

Automating several steps in remediation. PREP beta trials include multiple clients – leading global publishers and higher education institutes.


PREP 2.0

Advance AI features for faster document remediation across PDFs, scanned, and Word docs.

Math and Forms add-ons automate alt text and form creation in documents. Wider adoption of PREP 2.0 by clients, becoming a favored solution for document remediation.


Version PREP 3.0

emerges with superior automation for tagging, accelerated remediation of complex tables, nested lists, and more.


New release includes 1-2 click tagging for elements like tables, lists, and TOCs to boost PREP’s efficiency. Enhanced the accuracy of the Preview feature by integrating screen reader output, improving accessibility within PREP.


PREP 4.0
  • AI-Enabled Automated Tagging Advanced AI technology to automate the tagging process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Team Collaboration Collaborative features, enable teams to work together seamlessly on document remediation projects.
  • Department- or Team-Based Usage Tracking + Admin Capabilities Providing administrators with the ability to track usage across different departments or teams, and manage user permissions effectively.
In 2023, PREP’s latest AI capabilities streamlined the tagging process, fostering collaboration among teams, and providing comprehensive administrative controls for optimized workflow management.

2024 (See What's New)

Seamless LMS Integrations
  • LMS integrations enable effortless adoption and integration with workflows
  • Integration with Canvas and D2L LMS Platforms facilitates accessibility enhancements for educational content.
PDF/UA Accessibility Checker Report Generation
  • LMS integrations enable effortless adoption and integration with workflows
  • Integration with Canvas and D2L LMS Platforms facilitates accessibility enhancements for educational content.
Introduction to PREP’s API
(Auto Tag and Accessibility Checker)
  • Automate tagging processes and accessibility checks through programmable interfaces, enhancing efficiency and scalability.
  • Integrate PREP’s API in their cloud-based platform, leverage the auto tag capabilities, and generate PDF/UA compliance reports.
In 2024, PREP’s roadmap focuses on ensuring seamless integration into diverse environments, providing comprehensive accessibility reporting capabilities, and empowering users with programmable automation through our APIs.

What Makes PREP the Preferred Tool for
Accessibility Experts, Institutions, and Organizations

We left no stone unturned in our quest to offer the best PDF and document remediation
platform/solution and services that are faster, accurate, and affordable for all accessibility users and

Here are the features that our users absolutely love:

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