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Stay on top of your 508/ADA/EAA/WCAG compliance game and ensure equal access to users with diverse needs using PREP, our document remediation services.

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Helping Business Across Industries with Document Remediation

PREP’s sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology automates and accelerates PDF and document remediation for complete ADA, Section 508, EAA and WCAG compliance. PREP is the perfect solution for institutions or organizations across several industries with document digitization needs.

PREP is a unique one-stop solution addressing multiple document formats and varied user needs, and can expertly handle inter-format conversions. A human-centered design approach to the user interface makes the experience easy, simple, and affordable, while offering scalable solutions for accessibility no matter what industry your business belongs to. PREP’s auto-tag detection feature tags even complex documents instantly, reducing the manual time spent, and providing exponential savings. This dynamic cloud-based platform allows you anywhere, anytime access and enables collaboration on accessibility projects, while its user-friendly design ensures swift onboarding.

Industries We Help

Federal Businesses (US)

PREP assists federal businesses by putting inclusion front and center with customized remediation solutions. It ensures that everyone has access to all government documents, programmes, reports, services, publications, brochures, contracts, and rules while enabling full compliance with ADA, EAA, and all other accessibility standards.

Universities & Colleges

PREP supports higher education institutions, such as universities or colleges, in creating an inclusive learning environment by making learning material accessible. It supports accessibility teams, faculty, administrators, instructional designers, and others in ensuring that learners with varied needs or assistive technology users have access to all shared materials.

Publishers & Content Providers

PREP helps the publishing industry in meeting accessibility standards by making textbooks, ancillaries, educational material, and documents fully accessible and compliant with ADA/Section 508/EAA/WCAG 2.2 and above standards.


PREP helps healthcare businesses in resolving inaccessibility issues for all forms, documents or communication procedures, and delivers accessible solutions for blind and visually impaired patients in formats such as fillable/accessible forms, PDFs, Word documents, or other formats.

Real Estate

PREP assists the real estate industry in making all documents, including brokerage agreements, reservation agreements, property agreements, purchase agreements, escrow agreements, commerce leasing agreements, rental agreements, and documentation for land registers, increasingly accessible. PREP is scalable and can manage high volumes of documents, remediating and digitizing even complex real estate documents.


PREP is a great option for the retail business because it meets the retail industry’s need to be agile, and swiftly finalize agreements and deals with suppliers, wholesale customers, and partners. Contracts, purchase agreements, service agreements, tender documents, framework purchase agreements, NDA/confidentiality agreements, lease agreements, and licensing offers are just a few examples of complex documents that PREP can help with.

Insurance/ Financial

PREP offers assistance to financial institutions in achieving regulatory compliance criteria and making financial statements, communication processes, and banking statements accessible. It helps deliver a positive user experience for visually impaired clients by ensuring that all material available on their website, such as application forms, are digitized and accessible. With PREP’s ability to digitize large volumes of documents, financial institutions can move legacy documents into digital formats easily and affordably.

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