What Is Alt-Text And Why Is It Important For Digital Accessibility

What Is Alt-Text?

With the utilization of images to enrich and support content published online, it is important for organizations to ensure that the images can be read by visually impaired users for an inclusive user experience. Alt-text or alt descriptions are used to describe images. This text can be read by assistive technology used by disabled people, enabling them to understand and navigate digital content easily.

Who Does Alt-text Benefit and How?

The objective of providing alt-text for images is to ensure that the visually impaired are able to easily navigate and understand important information present in the form of images in PDFs or other documents. By providing accurate alt-text for images, organizations will be able to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508. Organizations can also improve their SEO by optimizing their alt-text tagging.

Increases Productivity

By automating the process of generating alt-text descriptions, organizations can save time, redirecting their resources to focus on core aspects of their roles, increasing productivity in turn.

Saves Time And Costs

With automated AI-based scalable solutions, organizations can generate alt-text descriptions for high volumes of images at a much shorter turnaround time. This process meets compliance standards without human capital, helping businesses save significantly on both costs and time.

Creates An Inclusive User Experience And Meets Compliance Standards

With the help of automated processes that leverage deep learning, businesses can meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance standards. By leveraging AI-powered solutions, businesses can generate alt-text descriptions more efficiently and create an inclusive user experience.
Organizations that design their website while catering to the needs of the visually impaired by providing accessible content, build a sense of trust that motivates users to revisit their website.

How To Go About Adding Alt-Text And Tagging?

Alt-text tagging for images is a time-consuming process and requires a large team to write descriptions in order to accurately describe each image present in the PDF. In order to make this process easier, more efficient, and scalable, organizations can integrate AI-powered solutions that automate the process of generating accurate alt-text so that it can be seamlessly read by assistive technology.

The Different Types Of Tagging

Images published online are utilized for different purposes in order to convey important information. When generating alt-text descriptions, the following two variables need to be kept in mind:


Depending on the context of the PDF document, the image needs to be accurately tagged – for instance, if the image is purely decorative, a simple description will suffice whereas if the image conveys something specific, it is important to include the details in the alt-text description.


The function of the image needs to be clearly communicated in the alt-text description in order to ease navigation using assistive technology. For example, if the image contains a link that leads to another page, the alt-text description must mention the page where it will lead to, and if there is an icon to download a file – the function of the icon must be tagged as the alt-text description.

How Invicta Helps With Creating Alt-Text And Tags?

With our AI-powered solution Invicta, organizations can automate the process of generating accurate alt-text descriptions in full compliance with Section 508 and WCAG accessibility guidelines for large volumes of images of varying complexities.
Invicta automates the task of generating high-quality, accurate alt-text for images of varying complexities within a significantly shorter turnaround time and at a reduced cost.
The key benefits of integrating our AI-powered image remediation solution Invicta are as follows:
  • Instantly generates detailed long descriptions for images
  • Effective for images across all major disciplines
  • Meets and exceeds Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA standards
  • Promises exponentially faster turnaround times
  • Makes images accessible at a fraction of the cost
  • Highly scalable for a large volume of images
  • Exceptional quality with greater consistency
  • Hassle-free process for accessibility experts

Our AI-powered solution Invicta instantly generates alt-text for large volumes of images of varying complexities. This enables businesses to make content accessible for the visually impaired and improve their SEO while significantly saving on time and costs. Seamlessly integrate Invicta into your organization and automate your process of generating accessible visual content. Learn more about us here.


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