What Is Alt-Text And Why Is It Important For Digital Accessibility

What Is Alt-Text? With the utilization of images to enrich and support content published online, it is important for organizations to ensure that the images can be read by visually impaired users for an inclusive user experience. Alt-text or alt descriptions are used to describe images. This text can be read by assistive technology used […]

Automating Authoring of Alt Text for Physics Images

As more and more universities are seeing a spike in the number of disabled students joining their programs, it is quite vital to develop accessible course materials from an early stage. A wide range of barriers exists for disabled students with varying degrees of visual and cognitive impairments. Subjects such as Science, Engineering, Computer Science […]

AI-Driven Automation of Alt Text for Complex Graph Diagrams

Accessibility barriers in higher education put visually impaired learners at a disadvantage compared to their sighted peers. When it comes to higher education, STEM disciplines are significantly more challenging for learners with vision or cognitive issues due to the vast number of images and graphs that include important concepts and concepts.  A recent study states that 70% […]

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