List of Accessibility Conferences 2024

List of Accessibility Conferences 2024

Today every business needs to build a robust digital presence to reach its customer base. What is equally important is to make this digital presence on the World Wide Web accessible and inclusive of even those customers who might be living with any physical, mental, or situational disability. As technology evolves, so does the accessibility landscape. For businesses to thrive in this ever-changing digital environment it is crucial to stay current through cutting-edge and latest accessibility tools, ahead of the curve planning and precise execution. Attending accessibility conferences provides valuable know-how, insights, the latest accessibility trends, networking opportunities, and access to innovative tools.

We have collated a list of key accessibility conferences of the year to assist you in staying on top of your game.

Accessibility Conferences 2024:

  1. Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATiA) Conference

    When: January 25, 2024,

    The Community of Assistive Technology professionals will get together virtually and in Orlando & Florida for ATIA 2024. ATIA has been at the forefront of bringing forth big learnings and building a strong community to advance assistive technology for the past 24 years.

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  2. Axe-con 2024

    When: February 20, 2024,

    A free and open digital accessibility conference that invites all accessibility professionals including business leaders, web designers, and developers to an inclusive conference that works towards building and testing accessible digital assets with a focus on maintaining accessible digital experience and environment.

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  3. The Zero Project Conference 2024

    When: February 21, 2024,

    With a mission to create a world with no digital barriers or ‘Zero’ barriers, The Zero Project Conference brings together decision-makers and innovators across industries. A meeting of minds where new partnerships are formed, solutions shared, and an international framework developed for scaling up of the solutions.

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  4. TechAccess Oklahoma 2024

    When: February 27 to 29, 2024

    Accessible both virtually and in person, Oklahoma ABLE Tech is a premier digital accessibility conference that brings together accessibility experts from across the USA,  networking opportunities with other acceptability professionals, and empowers you to make an impact by directly applying your learnings to your business needs.

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  5. Ability Summit

    When: March 7, 2024,

    A one-day event, The Ability Summit shares the latest technology to bridge the accessibility gap with insights by experts with a deep understanding of disabilities to come up with inclusive solutions to cater to people on the disability spectrum.

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  6. CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

    When: March 18, 2024,

    The CSUN Assistive Technology Conference provides meeting grounds for researchers, exhibitors, speakers, end users, and practitioners to share their knowledge and best practices for an inclusive digital world. Powered by the Center on Disabilities, it is one of the longest-running conferences with over 37 years of delivery.

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  7. Business without Barriers Summit

    When: March 19 & 20, 2025

    The Business without Barriers Summit is the one-stop shop for every kind of accessibility and inclusivity know-how. Over the 2 days, it brings together businesses and D&I professionals covering expert-led free content on ways to implement assistive technology, build an inclusive culture, and accessible product offerings among other things.

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  8. Naidex – National Accessibility, Inclusion & Disability Expo

    When: March 20 & 21, 2024

    In its 50th year, Naidex is the United Kingdom’s longest-running and largest event focusing on the needs of the disability community. It highlights products and content to assist a full life for those living with disabilities. Businesses and professionals can gain from exploring technological developments, and innovative products while networking with suppliers, retailers, and distributors working in this space.

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  9. OZeWAI Conference

    When: March 26, 2024,

    Spearheading the exploration of inclusivity in the digital space for 20 years, the OZeWAI conference brings together accessibility researchers, specializes and experts from around the world to explore innovative and latest solutions for digital inclusion.

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  10. Accessibility Scotland

    When: March 28, 2024,

    Spotlighting a range of topics from accessibility, inclusion, and diversity, Accessibility Scotland focuses on providing new ideas and new connections in an affordable, informative, and friendly environment.

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  11. Signal Centers Accessibility Awareness Summit

    When: May 9, 2024,

    Designed around inspiring conversations that transform the digital inclusivity and accessibility space, this summit coverer new and innovative technological advancements in the sphere of accessibility.

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  12. SciAccess

    When: May 10 & 11, 2024,

    Targeting the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) space for the promotion of accessibility practices, the Science Accessibility conference focuses on disability inclusion practices. Bringing together, students, researchers, disability advocates, and educators to discuss and share some of the best practices in the space of STEM education, work, and outreach.

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  13. John Slatin AccessU 2024

    When: May 13, 2024,

    Bringing accessibility out of the sidelines and into the mainstream conversation, the John Slatin AccessU annual conference is a meeting ground for policymakers, content creators, technology professionals, and inclusivity advocates for a deep dive into accessible and inclusive digital design. Adopting a hybrid approach, participation is open in person or virtually.

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  14. Inclusive Africa Conference

    When: May 14, 2024,

    Started in 2020, the Inclusive Africa Conference is an annual event that attempts to break barriers and drive a disability-inclusive digital space in Africa to promote assistive technology and digital accessibility for those living with disabilities.

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  15. Web4All

    When: May 13 & 14, 2024,

    Web4All, a fully virtual conference, is the melting pot of accessibility development professionals and businesses seeking to add the latest inclusivity features to their digital presence. it is a premiere venue to discuss advancements in accessibility research and web applicability in the digital space.

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  16. A11y Bytes

    When: May 16, 2024,

    Scheduled on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, A11y Bytes is an active, fast-paced, and dynamic event that attempts to raise awareness and get the community talking about digital inclusivity, with a sharp focus on the preferences and needs of the numerous users living with disabilities.

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  17. Smart Accessibility 2024

    When: May 26, 2024,

    With both Onsite and Online options, the Smart Accessibility Conference highlights the need for universal accessibility, stressing inclusive digital practices in the Internet of Things. It spotlights the need for assertive technology smart solutions and accessible digital environments.

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  18. Accessible Canada – Accessible World Conference

    When: May 27, 2024,

    Focusing on inclusive design and advanced accessibility in different domains, the Accessible World Conference aims to break down complex and diverse accessibility barriers through inclusive decision-making with responsive, effective, and efficient community practices.

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  19. The Guelph Accessibility Conference

    When: May 29 & 30, 2024

    Breaking accessibility barriers by building inclusivity knowledge, the Guelph Accessibility Conference aims to encourage action through increased awareness amongst the government, private, and education sectors. It highlights best practices, the latest assistive tech advances, smart strategies, and innovative tools to improve the access and lived experience and real-world environment of those with disabilities.

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  20. Accessibility Club Summit 

    When: June 8 & 9, 2024,

    Organized by the Accessibility Club from Germany, in its 10th year the summit brings to the fore the real-world experiences of those with disabilities and how assistive technology can help build a more inclusive, accessible digital space for them. It includes community-run workshops to assist and train design and web professionals to build inclusive and accessible web experiences.

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  21. #a11yTO Conference

    When: October 3 & 4, 2024

    #a11yTO conference will be held in Toronto, Canada at Microsoft, also accessible online.  It focuses on digital accessibility and is in its 8th edition. With curated talks and content on web accessibility and digital inclusivity, it spotlights the best practices for web accessibility.

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  22. The Design + Accessibility Summit 2024

    When: October 8, 2024,

    A key online event that helps professionals master inclusive design. Stressing equity, diversity, and inclusion, it focuses on equipping creative specialists with the skills and knowledge to design accessible documents with practical techniques and essential How-to.

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  23. WordPress Accessibility Day

    When: October 9 & 10, 2024

    WordPress Accessibility Day is a live-streaming, 24-hour global event, co-organised by community members and the WordPress team. The event is dedicated to simplifying web accessibility and fostering digital inclusivity best practices for content creators, developers and designers using WordPress websites. Comprehensive and diverse, the event covers all aspects of making content universally accessible.

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  24. 2024 M-Enabling Summit

    When: October 15-17, 2024

    A summit organised by the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information, Washington DC, this is a leading global conference that showcases cutting-edge technology and innovations that help the older person community and those with disabilities access digital services and content. It offers an exclusive space to connect with industry leaders and accessibility experts across industry, education, government and advocacy sectors.

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  25. Inclusive India: Digital First 2024

    When: November 1, 2024,

    A 2-day event with networking opportunities with the accessibility community and a host of experts sharing their knowledge, this conference stresses the need to shift our mindset and focus on accessibility and inclusion. Accentuating the need to address the indifferent attitude towards the needs of billions living with disabilities, Inclusive India: Digital First conference looks to address the perceptions and bring into focus solutions for digital India.

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  26. Accessing Higher Ground

    When: November 11, 2024

    Focusing on the creation, implementation and benefits of accessible media, information resources, universal design, library access and assistive technology for businesses, universities and public spaces, the Accessing Higher Ground conference highlights legal and policy changes required as well as any issues towards accessibility compliance.

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  27. Sight Tech Global 2024

    When: December 4, 2024,

    Concentrated on developing an accessible and inclusive world for the visually challenged, the Sight Tech Global conference is a free virtual event that aims to drive the conversation on the altering landscape of assistive technology and artificial Intelligence, and its role in increasing accessibility for the visually impaired.

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With an array of options year-round to build accessibility and inclusivity practices and stay up-to-date with accessibility features, you can now sharpen your digital presence and take your business to every single potential customer. At the same time being seen and catered to, helps you build a large and loyal customer base amongst those living with disabilities. Grab this opportunity, and identify the most relevant conference for your work profile and business. Go ahead and update your skills.


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