Navigating The Accessibility Landscape: Key Takeaways From Continual Engine’s Webinar On ‘Prepping PDFs For Accessibility’

In a digital-first world, PDFs have become a popular medium for sharing information. Owing to its rapid adoption, it is vital to ensure that PDFs are accessible to everyone, especially those using accessibility tools such as screen readers. To address this pertinent topic, Continual Engine recently hosted a webinar titled “Prepping PDFs For Accessibility”. With […]

Ensuring Web Accessibility: A Deep Dive into WCAG

Key Takeaways The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are developed and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make web content accessible to users with disabilities. WCAG 2.1 provides 13 guidelines and 78 success criteria, each with specific instructions for creating accessible content. The principles of WCAG are POUR, which stands for Perceivable, […]

The Critical Role of WCAG in Digital Accessibility: Key Takeaways from Sarah Stricker’s Webinar

Insights from Sarah Stricker’s Webinar: All About WCAG Accessibility And What’s Next Sarah Stricker is an experienced Instructional Technologist at ansrsource and a certified Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). She was the speaker at the “All About WCAG Accessibility And What’s Next” webinar hosted by Continual Engine. As […]

Artificial Intelligence for Accessibility

Key Takeaways People with disabilities can drastically improve their everyday lives with AI assistive technology. According to a survey, less than 2% of the online content meets accessibility guidelines. For a smooth user experience with assistive technologies, the gap in digital accessibility has to be bridged. AI is improving assistive technology for making the web […]

Australian Workshop on Accessible Graphics’ – By Rajat Prakash & K. Sriram

How do we ensure the 1 billion visually-challenged and print-disabled people have equal access to all the information and content? The solution was addressed at the e-workshop hosted by ANZAGG (Australia & New Zealand Accessible Graphics Group) on the 18th of May, Mr. Rajat Prakash and Dr. K Sriram took part on behalf of Continual […]

‘Born Accessible’ As A Remediation Solution For Publishing Houses

‘Born Accessible’ – The Way Forward For Creating Accessible ebooks With books being published online in the form of ebooks, it has benefited many readers by providing the convenience to read anytime and anywhere. Ebooks can be accessed on electronic devices such as their phone, laptop and more. The ability to access information at your […]

The Growing Demand For Accessible Electronic Textbooks In Higher Education

The Need For Accessibility In Higher Education Educational Institutions are easing the process of sharing coursework with their students by providing digital textbooks, students can greatly benefit from this as they can access course material anywhere and anytime.The challenge for publishers arises when they need to make sure that the digital textbooks provided by them […]

How To Make Visual Content Accessible Without Human Capital?

The Importance Of Creating Accessible Visual Content In the digital era where billions of people are consuming information online, organizations are constantly generating visual content to actively engage users.With consumers being more socially aware, they want to invest their time in brands with shared values. Businesses creating content accessible by the visually impaired are able […]

How Invicta API Can Bring Efficiency To STEM In EduTech

Embracing Automation In EduTech The Research Institute of America (as reported by Forbes) has found that e-learning helps hike retention rates from 25% to 60%. There has been an increasing adoption of technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) across industries in order to streamline their processes. With the rise of edu tech companies consisting of learners embracing the […]

Is Accessibility On Your Radar?

Can you imagine a world where you cannot order food online, access your study material online, go into a building which does not have wheelchair access or even watch a movie for lack of subtitles? Unfortunately, there are millions of people in the world who face these challenges on a daily basis. The World Health […]

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