Automating Authoring of Alt Text for Physics Images

As more and more universities are seeing a spike in the number of disabled students joining their programs, it is quite vital to develop accessible course materials from an early stage. A wide range of barriers exists for disabled students with varying degrees of visual and cognitive impairments.
Subjects such as Science, Engineering, Computer Science have seen a steady interest from the disabled student community. To support their educational needs, significant changes are required in addition to adhering to accessibility standards and designing accessible curriculum content.
Visual elements (images/diagrams) play a vital role in allowing students to easily understand concepts. They help simplify and convey the meaning of complex subject matter to the learner. Predominantly, images are inaccessible and act as a barrier to disabled students. Creating perceivable, readable and operable visual elements regardless of how it is accessed – using computer or assistive technology devices such as text-to-voice readers or screen readers is central to digital accessibility.

What is alt text?

Alternate text (alt text) is a textual description of images that is required to be concise and accurate to convey meaning or concept to disabled students. It also serves as a precursor to users when an image fails to load, the provided alt text description conveys appropriate context. In the HTML code, use the markup alt attribute to provide to the alternate text for an image.
In this blog, we showcase how artificial intelligence (AI) authors alternate text for complex Physics subject images.

Authoring Alternate Text for Physics Images -

A physics course book may have more than 50 – 500 images, in order to make the images accessible, instructors would need to generate alt text for all images. This is a time consuming and laborious task that requires many subject matter experts and many man hours.
Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to simplify and scale such tasks and deliver digital accessibility at scale. Invicta™ is Continual Engine’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered, cloud-based platform developed to make accessibility remediation & compliance faster, more affordable, more scalable, and easy.
Invicta™ uses collaborative intelligence – AI technology with human expert review – to generate alternate text (alt text) for images. Continual Engine leverages Invicta™ to provide exponentially faster, accurate, scalable, and affordable alt text services for Science, Engineering, Technology, Math, Accounting, and several other disciplines.
Here we share a few examples of alt text authored for Physics subject images.
An example of alternate text authored by Invicta
An example of alternate text authored by Invicta
An example of alternate text authored by Invicta
An example of alternate text authored by Invicta
An example of alternate text authored by Invicta

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