The Future of Accessibility Podcast

How Organizations Are Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Efficiencies in Accessibility Processes & Content

Our Speakers

Welcome to our podcast where Mousumi Kapoor and Vijayshree (VJ) Vethantham delve into the world of latest accessibility trends and AI-driven solutions.

Join us as we explore the evolving landscape of accessibility,
the role of Al technology, success stories, challenges,
and the future outlook.

Mousumi Kapoor

Founder & CEO, Continual Engine

Vijayshree (VJ) Vethantham

SVP of Growth & Strategy, Continual Engine

Flow of Podcast

Dive into the forefront of accessibility innovation with Mousumi Kapoor and Vijayshree as they navigate the
dynamic landscape of workplace inclusivity and digital transformation.

Awareness Around Accessibility & The Global Digital Revolution

Explore the shifts in workplace accessibility and the increased importance of inclusivity.

Continual Engine's Al-Driven Solutions Lead the Way

Discover how Al technology enhances accessibility workflows and drives efficiency.

Unlocking Accessibility Excellence

Learn about the challenges organizations face and how Continual Engine provides innovative solutions.

The Journey Ahead

Gain insights into emerging trends, compliance standards, and Continual Engine's commitment to innovation.

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