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An AI powered platform for Image and Document Accessibility

In the last decade, the number of accessibility lawsuits filed against non-compliant organizations and institutions has seen an unprecedented growth. While this has highlighted the importance of enabling access for all users and learners regardless of disablities, it puts pressure on businesses to become compliant. Those involved in supporting or implementing an organization-wide solution are faced with selecting cost-effective tools or platforms, and relying on dozens of experts while keeping up with constantly evolving guidelines.

Invicta is our AI-powered, cloud-based platform which was created to make the journey of accessibility compliance and remediation faster, affordable, and seamless. A one-stop solution that uses real-time AI technology to generate high quality and compliant accessible content Invicta disrupts the tedious, and often expensive approach to content accessibility.

Our collaborative platform empowers those working on creating accessible content to leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate accessible content faster, more consistently, and at significantly lower costs. With the use of our AI technology, an accessibility expert's or faculty member's job is simplified to being a SME or an approver.

Invicta generates high quality alt text, automatically tags print PDF and ePub content so that they can be used seamlessly with JAWS and Voiceover screen readers. Invicta supersedes all the manual and automated tools to offer a reliable remediating platform for universities, publishers and corporates, in full compliance to Section 508 and WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Key Features:
• Accurate Long Descriptions for STEM and Accounting Images.
• Automated PDF Remediation and Website Accessibility.
• One-Click Accessibility, Easy to Learn, Use, and Collaborate.
• An Efficient, Affordable, and High-Quality Solution.

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