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We invite you to join us in exploring the March edition of Continual Engine’s monthly newsletter. This collection of news articles and the latest updates is tailored to provide you with valuable insights into the evolving landscape of accessibility and AI trends.

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I. Past Events

1. Continual Engine Presented and Exhibited at the CSUN Conference 2024

Continual Engine presented and exhibited at the 39th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, which took place from March 18 to 22, 2024, in Anaheim, California. In this event, we focused on video accessibility complexities and showcased our award-winning proprietary generative AI platform, Invita™. We also co-presented with ACT, where we discussed AI’s role in generating accurate image descriptions for assessment content.

Some of the key takeaways from the sessions include:

  • AI is revolutionizing video accessibility, through innovations like Invicta™, by offering seamless integration and cost-effective, flexible captioning solutions. This ensures an elevated standard of inclusivity, transforming the way videos are consumed and making content accessible to all.
  • Continual Engine’s Invicta™ tool has a positive impact on time and efforts in creating alt text, aligning well with ACT’s image description guidelines while showcasing the potential for even greater efficiency gains as it adapts to ACT’s style.

If you couldn’t connect with us during the event or want to explore how Continual Engine can enhance your accessibility journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Let’s explore future potential opportunities together!


A photograph is worth a thousand words, even if you can’t see it. Mobile phones have become lifelines for so many in the past couple of decades. Several tech companies are prioritizing accessibility for those with disabilities to make sure they are able to enjoy and utilize as many functions as possible. Google’s new Pixel ad for Super Bowl 58 focuses on a life-changing accessibility feature.

Accessibility is always improving, but 2023 saw one of the most significant accessibility breakthroughs since the advent of the accessible smartphone. GPT4, produced by Open AI, is a Large Language Model (LLM) that can accept both text and images. In summary, you can converse with an LLM much like you would with a person, and it will respond in a manner closely approximating human interaction.


A record-breaking disabled sailor has described a plan to circumnavigate Britain as his “most daring and demanding” challenge. Geoff Holt MBE, from Fareham, Hampshire, will set off from London in a powerboat on 13 May. The 58-year-old, who was the first quadriplegic sailor to cross the Atlantic, hopes to raise £1.2m for his disability charity Wetwheels.

IV. News Articles On Accessibility

March is recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a pivotal time for raising awareness about the challenges and achievements of individuals with developmental disabilities. Led by the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD), this month is dedicated to promoting understanding, acceptance, and inclusion within the broader community.

The #1 Job Site in the World Puts Inclusion and Digital Accessibility First with TPGi’s Accessibility Management Platform. TPGi’s Accessibility Management Platform, ARC, has been selected by Indeed, the world’s number one job site, to ensure a compliant and usable experience for all job seekers, regardless of ability.

Canon Europe has released a video series to showcase its upcoming immersive exhibition – a photography exhibition you don’t need to see. World Unseen will be held at Somerset House, London between 5-7 April, in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

From 2013 to 2021, federal court ADA Title III case filings climbed steadily to a staggering number of 11,452 in 2021.  The number of filings fell dramatically by 24% in 2022 and then declined another 5% to 8,227 in 2023.  That said, this is still a very big number and triple the number of cases filed in 2013 when we first started tracking these lawsuits.

Aiming at easy access to Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), the Centre has directed the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to encourage the state governments to adopt accessibility guidelines. The directions were issued after the review meeting of the Accessible India Campaign (Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan) chaired by the Cabinet Secretary. 

Imagine being forced to disclose sensitive data related to your health or identity to access basic activities and services needed to fully participate in society. Then, imagine disclosing that information repeatedly, as new services you’d like to take advantage of come online. Unfortunately, this scenario is the lived experience of many people with disabilities.

“I find it quite hard to talk about my feelings, instead I’d rather write them in a song or put them into art.” Keira Curry is 19 and neurodiverse. She loves art and this week will be a cultural ambassador for London’s I Am Festival, a weeklong celebration of blind, deaf, and neurodivergent children and young people’s creativity.

Diversity conversations may have entered the boardrooms, but when it comes to the inclusion of people with disabilities (PwDs) in the workforce, corporate India still has a long road ahead.


Debangku Sarma

Digital Marketing Associate
Continual Engine

Vijayshree Vethantham

Senior Vice-President, Growth & Strategy
Continual Engine US LLC

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