How Invicta API Can Bring Efficiency To STEM In EduTech

Embracing Automation In EduTech

The Research Institute of America (as reported by Forbes) has found that e-learning helps hike retention rates from 25% to 60%.

There has been an increasing adoption of technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) across industries in order to streamline their processes.

With the rise of edu tech companies consisting of learners embracing the digital transformation, the need arises to develop content in a way that is personalized while creating an immersive experience This is made possible with AI where instructors can simplify the workflow and create a personalized learning experience.

Organizations that want to automate their processes and optimize their performance in order to provide data in a readable and actionable format can integrate Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to align with the goals of their business strategy.

An API allows for the transmission of data between two software. They provide their services to the host platform in order to automate their processes and enhance user experience. API codes are written in a way that enables seamless integration and data transmission to give the desired result efficiently and accurately.

According to an article by Forbes, enterprises with advanced API management processes experience up to 47% better business results.

Learning With APIs

By integrating APIs, online educators create a learning environment that provides students with the tools to learn effectively. APIs enable students to perform better and make it possible for them to learn through practical applications in a digital space.

APIs provide greater visibility and insights to educators and help them create an impactful learning pathway that is enriching and progressive for their students. One of the key benefits of integrating APIs is auto-indexing: 

What Is Auto Indexing?

Auto Indexing is the process of automatically tagging the elements present in documents. This can be done for large volumes of documents, enabling Edu Tech companies to significantly save on time and costs as compared to manual processes.

Auto Indexing enables instructors and students to easily navigate through digital documents, helping them find information faster in order to learn better, and teachers to invest their time in creating more engaging learning experiences.

Invicta APIs For EduTech Platforms

EduTech platforms can enhance their existing approach by integrating Invicta APIs which extract, analyze and digitize images in LaTex, JSON, HTML, or XLSX formats, to be used for further modification and analysis.


For Chemistry, the output from Invicta API is rendered in LaTex and can be used for visualization to improve the typographical quality of the images. Since LaTex is a stable and portable format, the process ensures that the final output is precise and accurate regardless of the document complexity.


With Mathematics, Invicta APIs provide JSON data-interchange format, which can easily be interpreted by the end-user. Invicta APIs extract the salient points from graphical images to display important patterns, variables, and correlations between data points. For equations and formulae, they facilitate the inspection, analysis, and accurate representation; they extract precise information to remodel or visualize.


For Tabular structures, users can leverage Invicta APIs to interpret structured and unstructured tables, with complex or multiple headers, such as balance sheets, journals, spreadsheets, worksheets, bank statements, ledgers, and T-accounts, and generate usable formats such as HTML, XLSX, and JSON. These can be readily integrated with third-party systems for further modifications.

The Benefits Of Integrating Invicta APIs In STEM

By integrating Invicta APIs, EduTech platforms can conduct their virtual classrooms in a way that is accessible and interactive Creating an environment that is engaging and conducive to practically applying what is learned in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will lead to much better outcomes.

Scaling Operations

EduTech platforms looking to scale their operations will be able to do so by integrating Invicta APIs. The time taken to extract and analyze data will significantly be reduced, allowing for more time to be focused on advancing learning techniques and increased student interaction.

Automated Output

EduTech platforms can leverage Invicta APIs to extract the salient points from graphical images to display important patterns, variables, and correlations between data points. For equations and formulae, the user can facilitate the inspection, analysis, and accurate representation; and also extract the precise information to remodel or visualize.

Security And Compliance

With our advanced cloud security measures, EduTech platforms can rest assured that the data and analytics derived with Invicta APIs can be accessed only by those who are authorized. Invicta APIs promote inclusive learning and help meet compliance standards by automating the generation of alt-text descriptions accurately and efficiently for images of varying complexities.

Transform Your E-Learning Platform With Invicta APIs

By leveraging Invicta APIs powered by artificial intelligence (AI), EduTech platforms can automate the process of creating image analysis output in LaTex for complex Chemistry, JSON for Mathematics, and JSON, HTML, or XLSX for Tabular images.

ur APIs can be seamlessly integrated to transform virtual classrooms into practical learning hubs, propelling students to enhance their knowledge in an innovative and progressive manner. For more information about Invicta APIs, visit

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