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Helping organizations offer equitable user experiences with scalable, cost-effective and efficient AI-led accessibility solutions.
The figure illustrates five photos with a text box each that depicts the following features: Image Alt text Accessibility, Extended Audio Descriptions, Closed Captioning for Video, Website Accessibility, and Document Accessibility Solutions.

Up to 50% savings in cost

Up to 60% reduction in time to market

Unparalleled quality & consistency

Trusted by 50+ customers across 5 continents
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Award-Winning, AI Technology-Enabled Accessibility Solutions Provider That Puts People at the Center

At Continual Engine, our mission is to build smarter, affordable and scalable solutions to enable you to make the process of content accessibility more precise and efficient. Powered by deep learning, computer vision, and other sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, our solutions are specialized in addressing complex content of any kind, to ensure lower costs, and faster time to market along with the highest quality standards.

Expand your
market share

Avoid lawsuits by being compliant

Build an equitable, all-inclusive brand

The figure illustrates the following eight achievements of Continual Engine: Zero Project Shortlist 2024. 2023 South Asia Ed Tech, 100 Holon I Q. World's most innovative Ed Tech Startups, 2022, G S V Cup, Continual Engine is part of the ELITE 200, The G S V Cup semi-finalists. A NASSCOM Certificate. The Ed Tech Awards, Cool Tool Finalist, 2022. 2022 South Asia Ed Tech 100, Holon I Q. A Bronze medal: Brandon Hall Group, Excellence in Technology Awards, 2021. A Gold Medal: Brandon Hall Group, Excellence in Technology Awards, 2021.

Accessibility Simplified, Amplified, Redefined

We aim to make digital experiences work for everyone, regardless of their abilities. Our accessibility solutions enable educational institutions, publishers, and businesses to offer inclusive access to digital content through customized services, Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) model, APIs, and cloud-based subscriptions.

Image Alt Text Accessibility

Generates high-quality alt text for diverse images across multiple disciplines.
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PPT Accessibility

Automates accessibility for PowerPoint slides or presentations.
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Video Closed Captioning &
Audio Descriptions

Expedites & automates full video accessibility (Closed captions, extended audio descriptions & transcripts)
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Document Remediation

Automates document remediation for PDFs, Word files, scanned pages and more.
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Optimizes websites for universal access with expert-driven accessibility solutions.
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Transforms online courses and training using
AI-enhanced, accessible course content.
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What People Say About Us

Learn how our clients transformed their accessibility and learning journey by partnering with us.

Inclusivity for All. Anytime, Anywhere.

Our cutting-edge, human-centered solutions have been designed and developed in collaboration with accessibility experts and subject matter experts. Our solutions promote accessibility for all users by integrating seamlessly with your workflows and simplify your journey into becoming a truly inclusive brand.

Unparalleled expertise

A team of experts with 20+ years of experience in technology, content & accessibility

Customized and ADA compliant

Final outputs that are personalized to fit client needs and are compliant by default

Exponential savings in time and cost

Up to 50% reduction in cost & time using our proprietary, award-winning solutions

Best of technology + human expertise

Vetted by human experts to reduce complexity and increase accuracy of content

Effortless scalability

Ability to handle large volumes of content quickly using AI solutions and automation

Thoroughly tested for efficacy

Tested with users of accessibility tools & technologies to ensure functionality

Digital Inclusivity:
It's Not Just Nice-to-have, It's a Necessity.

With nearly 1 billion people who are differently abled in diverse ways, it’s important that your content is consumable in multiple formats.
Continual Engine’s deep commitment to digital inclusion puts people at the center of its solutions, empowering brands to level the playing field for all.

The Digital Divide: A Call for Inclusivity

With a significant portion of the world facing accessibility challenges, Continual Engine is here to bridge the gap, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital age.

Over 1 Billion

of the world's population has a significant disability


of consumers are more likely to support a physically & digitally accessible business


of websites are inaccessible to people who rely on assistive technology for their disability

Events, Blogs & Newsletters

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  • CE Participated In The Abilitynet Techshare Pro (ATP) Virtual Conference From Nov 15-17, 2022.
  • 25th Annual Accessing Higher Ground (AHG) Conference From 14-18th Nov, 2022 At Hilton Denver City Center, Denver, Colorado.
  • 5th Empower Conference, 2022 At The IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.
  • Webinar On STEM Accessibility With Rachel Comerford, Senior Director Of Accessibility Outreach And Communication At Macmillan Learning, On October 12, 2022.

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